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About us

Not long ago, there was only the construction site and adaptation works in progress on renovation of the destroyed building to the needs of the Technological Incubator. Today, the modern building looks stunning with its glass exterior, IT laboratories, material library, offices and a vibrant energy plant on the second floor the Energy Science Centre.

In 2013, the Kielce Technology Park bought the building from the School of Social Sciences, which originally hand belonged to Chemar” plant, operating under the name Wiring and Fittings Construction Plant. In the 1950s, it was a social and cultural object, in which there was a canteen, a health clinic, laboratory, and even the External Branch of the AGH University of Science and Technology from Kraków. In 1959, on the second floor of the building (right where the ESC resides today) a panoramic cinema “Armatury” was established for the workers, but it was open also to regular residents of Kielce. Employees of “Chemar”, their families and friends would meet there and watch films. When other cinemas were opened in the city centre, screenings at “Armatury” were held less and less frequently and eventually the cinema was closed down. The cinema hall began to be used for games, school celebrations and Christmas parties for children.

When the idea and the dream to have our own science centre in Kielce first came to mind, we wanted to create space which would have an unusual atmosphere. We wanted the future visitors to the ESC to find themselves in another time and in a fairy-tale reality, if only for a few moments, to awaken their curiosity about the world.

Interactive stations and devices that are now on display are original concepts, created and designed specifically for the Energy Science Centre. The exhibition is very unusual and universal. Many different tour paths are more than enough for several visits.

The Energy Science Centre is the beginning of a great journey that changes people and gets them interested in science. Here you want to explore, surprise yourself and delight in the world around us.